We are a company with many years of experience in the construction industry. We can be proud of the clients we have completed orders for.
  • Volkswagen Poznań
  • VOLVO 
  • Confectionery Industry MILLANO
  • Supermarket BIEDRONKA Jarocin
  • Meat establishments BUKAT Jarocin
  • Hotel ROSANA Klęka
  • AUGUSTO Jarocin
  • DOMMAR Jarocin
  • Indoor Swimming Pool Jarocin
  • Higher Seminary of the Salesian Society Land
  • PGNIG Poznań
  •  JAKON Poznań
  • OSM Kowalew Dobrzyca
  • OSM Jarocin
  • BIEGUN Jaraczewo
  • JHJ Nowa Wieś
  • OTL Jarocin

Why Choose KONSMET?

  • Experience: We are a valued company on the market.
  • Your Own Design: We create according to your ideas.
  • Precision and Aesthetics: Our products are not only functional, but also beautiful.