About us

We make balustrades and structures made of stainless steel for demanding customers.

About company

KONSMET is the Manufacturing-Renovating-Service Company in Jarocin city, established in 1988. Mr Bolesław Malinowski is the owner of the Company.

Our services:

Construction of Metal Structures
  • Production Halls and Buildings: We design and build solid metal structures that meet the highest standards.
  • Pavilion shelters: Our shelters are enclosed with sandwich panels, providing protection against weather conditions.
Artistic Smithery
  • Balustrades, Gates and Fences: Our products are not only functional, but also beautiful. We create unique elements that will decorate any place.
  • Your Own Pattern: You can design your own pattern and we will implement it.
 Ironwork and Mechanics
  • Glazing and casing: We specialize in glazing and casing with polycarbonate panels.
  • Welding of acid-resistant steel: We perform precise welding of steel.
  • Metal Structures: Aluminum roofs, bus stops and more.
Stairs, Balustrades, Gates
  • Comprehensive Customer Service: From design to selection advice. Our solutions fit both single-family houses and public buildings.

Our crew

We invite you to cooperate! Contact us and we will help you realize your metal projects. We are a valued company on the market.

Bolesław Malinowski

tel. +48 604 738 066

Przemysław Malinowski

Head of the sales department
tel. +48 502 761 900

Aleksandra Malinowska

HR and accounting
tel. +48 62 747 33 91

Why Choose KONSMET?

  • Experience: We are a valued company on the market.
  • Own Design: We create according to your ideas.
  • Precision and Aesthetics: Our products are not only functional, but also beautiful.

Customers who trusted us

KONSMET company characterizes with years of experience and is appreciated on the market. Up to this day we have carried out performances for such customers as:

KONSMET is a leader with many years of experience on the market. Our reputation is based on the quality, precision and aesthetics of our products. So far, we have completed orders for various clients, see the list of satisfied recipients: